Best Places to Celebrate Kids Birthday Parties In Jacksonville, FL

Planning your child's birthday party is always an exhausting but fun task. You need to have everything in order from birthday banners, to birthday cakes, to decors, as well as the theme, you need to have it prepared in advance. Not to mention the birthday party theme and the games you need to prepare! Such tasks are very time-consuming and would take you days to prepare and you have a lot of things to do aside from preparing your kid's birthday party. Here in Jacksonville, Florida, to help parents give their children a fantastic birthday party celebrations, birthday party places are available to cater to their needs. Children can enjoy theme birthday parties with lots of fun and games as well as entertainment for all. They can also enjoy educational type of birthday parties wherein their skills and talents will be further developed. So sit back and explore all the great Jacksonville Florida birthday party venues.

Paintball Adventures in Jacksonville gives your boy an action-packed celebration. This is perfect for a boy's birthday party location for those that want to have something new for their birthday. Instead of a laser-tag party, this will give your child a whole new experience. They offer paintball gun rental, hopper, gas tank, and paintball mask system. Call (904) 645-7127 for more inquiries.

Develop your child's love and interest here at the Jacksonville Zoo where he or she can celebrate their birthday party with more learning and knowledge of the different animals. Jacksonville Zoo offers "Party Animals" and "Zoo-Riffic" birthday party package swherein they can arrange an animal themed birthday party. Each guest will be given animal masks and can take a closer look at the animals. A private party area can be provided upon reservation. You won't need to worry because everything will be set. They have ice cream, kids birthday cake, tables, and decors for the party. The children will enjoy train rides too! This type of Jacksonville birthday party venue should be part of your choices in choosing the best party place for your child. To know more about their zoo birthday party packages, just call (304) 757-4463

Let your child's creativity and imagination soar with the help of arts and crafts in KidzArt Studio. This will be the perfect Jacksonville birthday party place to have children's birthday parties and learn new skills in arts and crafts. You can choose to set the party in their studio or bring KidzArt in your home. Surely your child and his or her friends will be thrilled to do art activities. A one and a half hour of birthday party celebration with arts and crafts will surely take your children to art wonderland. KidzArt Studio offers drawing, copper tooling, acrylic painting, charcoal painting, collages, and so much more. All you need to do is just ask what type of art activities you want your kids to do. (904) 287-8603

A one and a half hour of blasting fun in Adventure Landing is the perfect Jacksonville Florida birthday party location for your kid! Let them play miniature golf in their beautiful landscape areas. If your kids prefer laser tag, then it is available too as well as go karts and many other games. Arcade games are also available for those who just love to play an action-packed game. The best part is that parents won't be hassled anymore in preparing for their party. Hot dogs, pizza, popcorn, and drinks are provided for each guest. Another good thing about this place is that kids can take home party favor bags that they can enjoy when they reach home and not to mention a birthday gift for the celebrant courtesy of Adventure Landing. To know more about their birthday packages and prices, (904) 771-2803 or you can visit their website at

Ice-skating birthday parties can be one of the memorable birthday party celebrations especially for your little girl. Celebrate a girl's birthday party at the Jacksonville Ice Rink wherein a party host is also present to facilitate the event. Ice-skating rentals will be offered as well as 45-minute birthday party celebration will be included in the package. So what are you waiting for? Make your reservations now and call (904) 399-3223 or visit Jacksonville Ice Rink

Chuck E. Cheese's is also here in Jacksonville, Florida. Celebrate a hassle-free birthday party for your children with lots of pizza and fun! Chuck E Cheese is great for toddler birthday parties as well as teen age birthday parties. Chuck E. Cheese's offers fun with bumper cars, ski ball, laser tag, and arcade games. You will never be out of fun in this party area. Parents will be relieved from going through all the hassle of preparing birthday party games, food, and birthday party themes. The birthday party package includes food such as birthday cake, pizza, and drinks. It also has a 1 ½ hour of bursting fun in their private party room where the table and chairs are decorated for the celebration. A party host is also available to facilitate the celebration so parents can just sit back and relax as their kids are having fun.

Another arts and crafts themed birthday party can be held at Doing Dishes where your birthday celebrant can enjoy painting pots and other pottery products. A bowl, figurine, or a picture frame can be taken home with your child's creative painting skills applied on these pottery products. This can be one paint your own pottery birthday party celebration they will truly enjoy. There are three birthday packages offered all of them have painting activities. The first one is the "Kid's Pick" package wherein they can choose the pots they want to paint. Another package is the "Princess Party" package which is perfect for your little girl. This package includes a 6" princess, mermaid, or fairy figurine. And last but not the least is the "Tea Part" which includes paint supplies teacup and saucer as well as personalized plate. To set your kid's birthday party celebration call (904) 730-3729

Now that you have a better idea of the different birthday party venues around Jacksonville Florida you can have a celebration that will be memorable. So pick the birthday party location and have the best Jacksonville, Fl kids birthday party!
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