Kid's Birthday Parties in Akron, Ohio

Birthday parties for children are usually better when they are well organized and have fun activities and at the same time they can stimulate the child's learning. Here in Akron, Ohio, birthday party places are very much available and all you need to do is set a date and reserve a time for the party.

Akron Fossil and Science Center offers birthday party themes that will surely gives the birthday party kids a blast! Choose a birthday party theme for boys and girls. They have Amazing Astronomy party themes where children can be invovled in activities and games that will surely be an out of this world experience. If you want to have the Wacky mad Scientist birthday party theme, then be prepared for a fun-filled activity and learning with balloon blast explosions and DNA experiment games. Or go prehistoric and pretend to dig dinosaurs with their Getting Dusty Digging for Dinos birthday party theme where children can pretend to be adventurers and excavate century old dinosaurs.

All children have potential in the field of arts and what better way to celebrate kids' birthday parties is to engage them in a creative and colorful celebration with arts and crafts as its main theme. At All Fired Up! Pottery Studio, kids can enjoy painting pots, cups, or figurines and they can take them home! Let your children enjoy 1 ½ hours of painting pottery sessions before starting the party! Having an arts and crafts birthday party theme will give your children the chance to express themselves through arts. If you want to set a date for your party the friendly staff will gladly assist you.

At Rinky Dink Family Fun Center, children and adults will never be bored while spending the kids' birthday party there. They have lots of entertainment with different packages to choose from. They can have the Venus value package where they will enjoy unlimited golf play. Or go all the way to the most fun and most requested package ever! The Universe package where they can enjoy 3 hours of party reservation, pizza, unlimited drinks, bumper karts, and so much more! Rinky Dink Family Fun Center is not only enjoyable to kids but to parents as well. The friendly staff are always there to assist your birthday party needs. Rinky Dink Family Fun Center can also offer themed birthday parties upon request.

Make your little girls be a princess of the day with a girl's birthday party theme. At Tiaras and Treasures, enjoy magical birthday parties with lots of entertainment and surprises! Not only do girls enjoy the fun, Tiaras and Treasures also hosts boy's birthday parties as well with their Pirate Themed parties and so much more. There are plenty of party themes and all you need to do is choose the best one for your child's birthday party and they will take care of the rest. From invitations to decors, Tiaras and Treasures can handle them all.

A bear for a new friend is what is behind the Build-A-Bear concept. They will get to have a new stuffed bear of their own choice, put a heart on it and then receive a birth certificate. They will arrange the invitation cards as well as the thank you cards. The package includes a party leader that will facilitate the event.

Pump It Up gives your child the playtime of his life. Reserve for a birthday party celebration with their giant inflatable indoor park complete with slides, mazes, and obstacle courses that will surely test and let your kids always be on the move and have a playtime they will never forget. Call them at (330) 877-7867 and indicate the type of food you want the party to have and what other preferences or adjustments you want to consider. Their staff will always be glad to assist you.

With a Chuck E. Cheese's birthday party theme, a kid can be a kid with entertainment facilities such as bump carts, clowns, magicians, and the overall party! Chuck E. Cheese offers two types of birthday party blasts that will surely take birthday parties to a whole new level. The first package is what they call the "birthday star package" with 1 and ½ hours of party entertainment, pizzas, games, balloons, and a show where your child is the star. This will be a memorable birthday party for your son or daughter. The second one is the "super star upgrade package" which includes goody bags, souvenir cups for each guest, and for the birthday kid, a Chuck E. Cheese stuffed animal. Chuck E. Cheese is considered to be one of the best birthday party place in Ohio.

One exciting place in Akron, OH to host a kids' birthday party is in the Amazone Family Entertainment Center where there is a complete playground that can hold plenty of kids. They also have different types of birthday party themes that the celebrant can freely choose. Amazone Family Entertainment Center is fun also for all the family members. They offer entertainment and games that will surely be a surprise to each kid celebrating their birthday party there. A call to (330) 764-4237 is all you need to have your date reserved and the staff will gladly arrange the party for you.

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