Kids Birthday Party Venues Dallas, Texas

Running out of birthday party ideas for your children? Always looking to try something more unique and exciting? Here in Dallas, Texas you can have all that! There are many fabulous birthday party locations in Dallas Texas!

The famous Chuck E. Cheese has always been a great place to celebrate a children's birthday party. They not only offer great food especially pizza and fresh salad, but also age-appropriate games and exciting rides. They have game rooms for toddlers and older children, as well. So, throw your child's next birthday here. Their party menu include platters, kids birthday cake, ice cream, and of course, pizza! You also need not worry because their friendly staff will do all the birthday preparations for you. Chuck E. Cheese is definitely a good environment for kids to develop their skills and enhance camaraderie with others. Chuck E Cheese is a great toddler birthday party venue!

Giggly Kids on the Go provides a one-of-a-kind birthday celebration for children of all ages. They have the most entertainment party packages that you can think of. Each party package includes interactive and fun games, music that will keep the party's energy level up all day, and add-ons such as inflatables. They also offer themed birthday parties such as Teddy Bear Picnic, Dress-Up Tea Party for cute little girls and Pirates' Treasure Hunt for the little boys, Circus Party, and a lot more. They also offer water fun entertainment right in your own backyard! What's more, once you have placed your reservations, the staff will be the ones to take care of everything and bring it to your location. Their staff will be the ones to set-up everything, too --- from party decorations to the necessary props. They will also be the ones to facilitate, entertain and supervise the kids throughout the party. For sure, your kids will have the most exciting birthday party that will always be remembered and will really giggle at this more than an hour entertainment. So, what's holding you back?  

For pretty little girls ages 3 and up, it would surely be so much fun to celebrate her birthday at American Girl. They host birthday parties and offer unique and fun themed birthday party packages such as Café, Bistro, Deluxe, and Private Birthday Celebrations. They also have special birthday packages such as Day and Late Night at American Girl Place. All the packages include delectable meals with their signature pink and white cake and ice cream. Each girl at the party will receive a goody bag and tiara doll. The celebrant will also get a chance to pose and be the star on her special day at their photo studio. This will then serve as her keepsake on her birthday. American girl has a lot more to offer, can't think of a better way to spend a Dallas Texas girls birthday then at American Girl Doll!

The Dress up Lady Events is one that also specializes in themed parties. They have been serving Dallas, Texas with wonderful birthday parties for children 3-13 years old. Their staff can guarantee you a fun and more memorable birthday party at all times. They provide great birthday party themes such as Story Book, Under the Sea, Fashion Diva, Spa Party and more! They're in-charge of everything, too --- setting up, entertainment, and cleaning up.  

Children love to play pretend as an explorer or a mad scientist. Some would just love some adventure. Why not give them an adventure kind of birthday party on their next birthday? Museum of Nature & Science is just the right place. The museum is in fact a merging of three cultural institutions here in Dallas, Texas namely the Dallas Museum of Natural History, The Science Place, and the Dallas Children's Museum.  The museum has about over 200,000 anthologies of artifacts and eco-facts and about 200 permanent concrete displays on astronomy, robotics, physics and more. The museum offers birthday party packages and experience for kids of all ages--- Under the Sea for 3-8 years old, Sesame Street's Big Bird's Adventure for 2-6 years old, See and Do at the Children's Museum for kids up to 6 years old, Party Animal for 2-4 years old, Dinosaurs for 3-8 years old, Totally Mad Scientists for 8-10 years old and a whole lot more! Each birthday package comes with a free admission per guest, use of the private party room, free parking and a party host. All you have to do is bring the party food and party decorations. Visit here

Dallas Zoo is indeed another unique, fun and interactive place to bring the kids, especially on their special day. It has reserved a special place for parties such as birthdays. They have birthday party packages which can be upgraded to include the kids' ever favorite treats such as cotton candy, popcorn, hotdogs, and fun rides. Plus, they do provide that special kids birthday cake and a surprise birthday present for the celebrant. This outdoor adventure birthday party will give your kids a chance to interact with the different species of the wildlife and be animal lovers when they grow up. So, visit Dallas Zoo today and place your reservations right away. 

Ponies and Pals is another place to go that offers interactive animal entertainment for kids and the whole family. Their petting zoo is safe and clean. Majority of their zoo animals are raised in their farms and are well- handled and cared for since birth, hence, all healthy and safe to deal with.  So, bring your kids here on their special day. It would be a great birthday treat. 

Did you know that Children's Aquarium offers birthday parties, too? Yes, they do! Children's Aquarium party packages include exclusive use of their party rooms for 90 minutes utmost, party host/hostess, animal encounter, decorations, guest admissions and more, all for a fair enough price for an extraordinary marine life adventure. All you have to do is bring in your birthday cake or cupcakes and party food. To make that special day extra special, you can also try their "Sleeping with the Fishes' Aquarium Overnight"--- more of like a sleepover, spending the night with the fishes and all the marine species. The overnight stay would include a special night tour, fun and exciting activities and midnight snacks, then a special breakfast the next day. So have an aquatic-inspired birthday party celebration for your kids. 

Your kids love to race? Then come and visit Speed Zone Dallas, one place that offers birthday party packages for children 15 years old and younger. Each birthday package includes private room use for an hour, party hostess, fun and games, as well as, pizza and soft drinks, and a special treat for the celebrant. They also have party upgrades --- from play cards and unlimited racing on the Thunder Road and Turbo Track to food upgrades, for a more exciting birthday party. After you have placed your reservations, you also get to print their party invitations for free. This birthday location is sure to get your engines reviving!

Build-a-bear workshop is a fun and interactive place to go to for children of all ages.  They host childrens birthday parties and have Build-A-Party packages that are full of surprises, hence, have your child's next birthday celebration here.  Each guest and the celebrant will surely enjoy making their own stuffed animal and personalizing their new furry friend and what's even better is all the guest get their very own birthday party favor to take home! 

Noah's Ark Animal Workshop by Regina is another interactive party for children that offers the same stuff-your-own fury friend and hosts birthday parties.  They have party packages that include invitations and thank you notes.  What's amazing is that it is a traveling "stuff-n-fluff" animal workshop and so, they are the ones that come to your party location.  

Most kids love art, hence, Studio Arts Dallas is great place to celebrate your kid's next birthday. They welcome birthday party celebrations in their studio. They supply all the art materials and an art instructor will be there to teach and guide, while you will be the one in-charge of the cake and party food. Surely, your kids would enjoy their personalized art project. This would be a fun arts and crafts birthday party.

Smashing Times is also a place to go to where you and your kids can create or personalize mosaic masterpieces in their mosaic studio. They host birthday parties for boys and girls of all ages. They offer party mosaic projects for the guests and the celebrant to enjoy--- from picture frames, boxes and bowls to plates, flower pots and many more. They also offer delicious Smashing Times birthday cake that comes in different flavors and drinks.

Visit the Dallas Power House of Dance now if your kids love dancing. You can either enroll them for a dance class/training or just celebrate their birthdays there, but of course, both are wonderful. The party packages that they offer cater kids from 2 years old and up. The party will have 45 minutes of dancing with the dance instructor and another 45 minutes for the cake and unwrapping of the gifts. What a great way to celebrate any birthday than with a dance birthday party in Dallas!

So, have you decided where to plan the next Dallas Texas kids birthday party? One thing's for sure, your children will be the happiest ones and they will surely thank you with a kiss and a big hug!

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